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Why My Two Gil

My Two Cents on My Two Gil

Before I post my first real review, I want to get people up to speed on what sort of format I’ll use, and a little bit about the reason why I’m doing this, and the thought process behind the name.

The format;

For reviews, or rather My Two Gil I’m going to begin where many of you, I feel, will end up – the verdict, the score, the summary, the conclusion. I don’t know about you, but I want to know if something is worth investing time in from the get go, and then find out why.

I personally want to avoid giving out scores, they seem mostly meaningless and the scale of acceptable scores seems to be something along the lines of;

  • Anything less than a 7 out of 10 is a pile of shit.
  • Anything between a 7 and 8 is “average to good”.
  • Anything from 8 to 9.9 is “great”.
  • Anything with a 10 is “complete bullshit biased reviewer, you got paid by x / y / z publisher for this” etc. Or is you know, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Instead of a score, this is my opinion on whether you should spend your hard earned cash on whatever it is I’m talking about. And I want to be upfront about it.

I may not necessarily always play a game to completion before giving my thoughts, but I have a couple of decades of gaming under my belt, several years working in a gaming retail store, and a couple years alongside the people at PlayStation themselves. (they are in no way affiliated blah blah, this is my opinion etc. etc. so on and so forth) Once I can begin to dedicate more time to this, I’ll refine it. As you do with any new project.

Why I’m doing this;

I love games. I mean I really fucking love playing video games. There are few other things I love as much as video games, such as animals (doggos are best) and good food. Not to be confused with food that is good for you, I mean food that tastes fantastic.

I am opinionated, and love discussing video games. Their history, their development. How well the music is composed. The overall feel of a game, and how well it plays. I’m not a fanboy (most of the time) and I generally remain unbiased. I’ll recognise a good game regardless of what platform it’s on.

I’m good at video games, and I am a veritable encyclopedia of gaming knowledge. I see so many game playing streamers out there, and people who talk about video games that are frustrating to watch, or have no idea what they’re talking about. Here I come to save the day.

The name, My Two Gil;

It’s pretty straightforward really, but not all of you – at least my initial audience – will understand what this means.

It’s an amalgam of the phrase “My Two Cents” you know… someone’s opinion on something, but exchanging the ‘cents’ part to ‘gil’ – gil being the currency in one of my favourite, albeit far from perfect game series, Final Fantasy. It’s simple. It lets you know I have an opinion, and that’s it’s likely to be related to games. Although, certainly not just Final Fantasy…

I will discuss, in time, all things gaming. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC gaming – including hardware, and beyond. I’m a geek; let’s put it to good use.

Thanks once again for reading, you literate individual you.